Iris In Fantasy

One day, the Goddess appeared to the maid Iris in her dream and told her the sealed Doom has respawned, whom can only be stopped by Iris from destroying the world. Iris decided to follow her parent’s path and set foot on the journey to collect six orbs scattering around the world to defeat the Doom.There’s no mandatory order to collect all six orbs,you can accept commissions, collect information, earn the rewards of local guilds by killing powerful and dangerous bosses they wanted as well as explore mazes hiden in every corner of the world.Come and try Iris In Fantasy, a RPG with higher degree of freedom!

Usamimi Adventure

We only offer the traditional Chinese version of this game.

The Cradle of Ruin

Hotarou lives in a white shelter together with four females. They never doubt the happiness in their daily life, but it suddenly comes to the end one day.
The first but the most difficult choice lies in front of him, he have to do something to escape from the circling and repeating tragedy before the whole world is destroyed.

​「The Ultimate Choice is waiting for YOU to make.」