One day, the Goddess appeared to the maid Iris in her dream and told her the sealed Doom has respawned, whom can only be stopped by Iris from destroying the world. Iris decided to follow her parent’s path and set foot on the journey to collect six orbs scattering around the world to defeat the Doom.There’s no mandatory order to collect all six orbs,you can accept commissions, collect information, earn the rewards of local guilds by killing powerful and dangerous bosses they wanted as well as explore mazes hiden in every corner of the world.Come and try Iris In Fantasy, a RPG with higher degree of freedom!


Lost her parents as a child, Iris was brought up by the old village. The Goddess came to her dream one day and told her the Doom has respawned, she was the last hope to defeat the Doom and make the world return to peace. After several ups and downs, Iris got to know the six orbs scattering around the world which were indispensable to defeat the Doom so she decided to set out to discover and collect them.

【Game Features】

■RPG with higher degree of freedom
Different from other games of the same type, the game is non-linear. There is no mandatory order to collect all six orbs,after getting a rough direction you can make your own decision to gather intelligence and collect the six orbs to drive the plots. You can also find yourself interested in playing the subquests,collecting CGs, hunting down the powerful bosses wanted by the guilds and exploring hiden mazes around the huge world map. Extra challenging mazes are also available for you to enjoy multicycle gaming experiences.

■Abundant and colourful story lines and illustrations。
A script of nearly 400 thousand words and full collections of 69 CGs. Nine sets of clothes collectible for Iris have different impacts on the storyline. Non-linear gameplay but the plots are still abundant.

■Completed gaming systems
·Allocate and refresh property value freely.
·Upgrade skills freely.
·Forging your own gaming outfits.
·Several mini-games inside

【Steam version game characteristics】

Game made based on the latest Japanese version 2.03
Numbours steam achievements added.
Fully completed Chinese/English translations.
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Come and begin the wonderful adventure with Iris!